Friday, September 3, 2010

Disney World: Splash Park and 1st Visit to Magic Kingdom!!

While we waited for our luggage (mainly our double stroller) to be delivered to our room, the kids were getting antsy to do something, so we put their bathing suits on and took them to the splash park there at the resort.

{Jett getting in on the action}

After 5 hours of waiting (which was only supposed to be 2-3 hours at the most), our double stroller and the one suitcase we checked finally arrived, and we were off to the most magical place on earth.

We hurried to the bus stop and patiently (or not) waited for the bus to arrive.

One 20 minute bus ride later, we spotted the castle, and knew we were there!  The walk into the Magic Kingdom is always filled with anticipation, wonder and happiness! :)   
We have a Disney Sing-a-long video from Disneyland, and one of the songs is "Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA"   The kids love that video, and had watched it no less than 3 times a day the whole month leading up to our trip.  I grabbed Elijah and Isaac out of the stroller and told them I wanted to show them something.  We walked hand in hand until we reached the end of Main Street USA, and I asked them if they knew where we were.  Elijah answered right away, and when Isaac heard him say it, he acted a little bit shy and almost in shock that he was actually there. :)

If I could describe the smell while you are walking towards the castle, I would have to say it's a mixture of sugar, ice cream and cotton candy.  It's delicious...and like my niece Chelsea said, "This is what heaven is gonna smell like."  I tend to agree with her. 
The first sight of the castle is always so exciting!  It always seems bigger to me in real life than I imagine it.  I love it! 

It started raining about an hour after we arrived.  The only thing we were able to do that first day was watch the 3D show Philharmagic.  It's my fave 3D show they have, but Isaac wasn't too fond of it.  It's very loud, and once or twice the whole theater goes dark, which he absolutely hates.  We watched it a couple more times throughout the week, and he got better with each one, but he kept telling me all week that he didn't want to watch the Donald Duck show anymore. (the main character in the movie is Donald) 

{I think Elijah was pointing at Tomorrowland. :) You can sort of see the ominous rain clouds forming in the distance}

{Despite the rain and the bone-chilling Donald Duck show, Isaac had a pretty good first day at the Magic Kingdom}

We shopped a little at the Emporium while it was pouring down, and I checked the Barber Shop to see if we could get Jett's haircut while we waited for the storm to pass, but it was closed.  We went back to the hotel, and got into bed at about 8:30 that night, so we could be up early to make it to the Magic Kingdom the next day, to see the opening show. 

Next post: Day 2 at the Magic Kingdom

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smile4niki said...

Don't know that I have ever met an ADULT who loves Disneyworld as much as you! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!


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