Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Isaac's Book

This is a book Isaac wrote at school today. He's in Kindergarten. And he loves Sonic. :) 

"This book belongs to Isaac Hall
Sonic X The Quest for the Emerald"

"I was going to the cave where the emerald was but my mom said there was a bear."

"I got to the cave where the emerald was. I saw the bear."

"He was chasing me but I was too fast for him"

"I stopped. He started to be nice."

"The bear was coming to me. He liked me. "I like you too" Sonic said. I hugged the bear but I realized the bear was a baby bear. The end."

"Find these books at sonic dot com.
1. Sonic and the lost emerald
2. Super Sonic
3. Sonic World"


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