Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Lately

Wow, we have had such a crazy past few weeks.  Mike's work schedule has gone from 40 hour work weeks to 65-70 hour ones.  I feel bad for him, as I know he works so hard and he's so tired when he comes home from work.  I can tell it's a struggle for him - he wants to help out when he comes home, but being so exhausted from the physical labor he does, he really just wants to relax.  I struggle with knowing he's tired and just wants to sit down, but geez...I'm tired too.  These girls of ours are seriously more trying than the 3 little boys.  They've started the whole "I can't stand my sister.  Can we please sell her?" stage, and I'm not a fan.  Seriously, sometimes I just wanna give them boxing gloves and throw them downstairs to just duke it out. They know exactly how to get on my very last nerve.  I know, these are all normal everyday things that everyone deals with.  I also know how blessed I am, so I'm gonna choose to focus on that.  Thank you Jesus that Mike has a job, and thank you for these 5 precious lives that you've entrusted me with.  Please help me to control my temper and to keep my eyes focused on YOU!!! 

We try to put the kids to bed around 8:30 (although they don't usually quiet down till 9 or 9:30) so we can have just a little bit of time to talk without any distractions.  Now that the kids are getting older and are starting more activities, I'm slowly learning how to organize everything and everyone. 

I've started babysitting only on Tues. and Thurs., so I try to get out of the house with Isaac and Jett for at least a little while on the other days. It's been fun being with the 2 littlest boys.  I miss Elijah being at home, and all the cars being everywhere.  The noise level has dropped tremendously. 

Chloe started ballet a couple weeks ago.  She really loves going every week.  It's hard to get pics of her there since there's really no place for parents to watch.  There's only one place you can stand to see in the studio, and I feel really bad if I stand there the whole time to watch. (although I totally want to!)  I'm really looking forward to her first recital, with the whole family being there to cheer her on.  :)

My b-day was yesterday, but since Mike didn't get home till 7:30 last night, we didn't do anything but watch Whose Line is it Anyway.  :D  We're hoping to go somewhere together this weekend.
I will love it when life gets back to normal. Well, our normal at least. I mean, let's face it - normal around here is still pretty crazy! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

A boy and his dog


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