Monday, February 23, 2009

My sweet pea

Week 6: Sweet Pea

Growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and chin. Those little hands and feet- still webbed like paddles- might wiggle by week's end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as yours!), and blood is starting to circulate.

I know what you're thinking...This is your 5th child, shouldn't you be a little tired of "how your baby is growing this week" stuff already?? Well, the truth is, no. I never really kept a journal like this with the other pregnancies, so I figured better late than never, right? And every single baby, no matter if it's your 1st or your 12th, is special and deserves special treatment! So here's to Smalls...that's what we've been calling the little sweet pea :) Well, at least until we find out if it's a boy or a girl (and yes, we're finding out...I didn't dig the whole surprise thing with Isaac). I'm going to try to make this post every week with the developement of the baby and, when the time comes, a picture of my expanding belly.

I need to get on the elliptical for a while tonight. I neglected it alot last week due to illness...which had absolutely nothing to do with the pregnancy. I have no morning sickness whatsoever...yet. With Isaac, it hit at 6 weeks 3 days, so I figure I've got a couple more days of feeling okay.

I made my first OB appt. this morning. I'm seeing Dr. Lemberger, the same dr. that I saw with my first 3 kids. I went to a midwife with Isaac, and although I loved her, I'm not going back to her because of insurance reasons. I do love Dr. Lemberger though. She really is the best obstetrician out there!! I felt like I was betraying her when I went to the midwife with Isaac. So it's not like I'm upset that I can't be seen by a midwife. Dr. Lemberger knows me and she just feels like part of the family now. :) The first available appt. with her (because everyone wants to see her!) was April 6th. I'll be 12 weeks then!! Sheesh. Oh well. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

There must be something in the water...

I'm so excited!!! We're having our 5th baby! We just found out 2 days ago, with a digital pregnancy test.

Can't mistake that!

It's a little earlier than we had planned, but we know that God's plans are always the best anyway!

The girls are absolutely thrilled!

Isaac is happy to be a big brother! (or he will be when he finally has someone smaller than him to pick on!)

Elijah wants me to have a boy and he wants to name him Nemo. I'm surprised he didn't suggest Lighting McQueen...

He got a big boy haircut today!!!

Mike and I are completely ecstatic about the new little life that God has entrusted to our care, and we count ourselves extremely blessed to be able to raise another child to love and serve Him! What more could we ask for?

Friday, February 20, 2009


This has been my best friend all week!

What a horrible week this has been. As I stated in my last post, Isaac started getting sick last Sat. and his sickness has been in this house all week! He's feeling better, but Chloe got sick on Monday (thankfully the girls had Mon. and Tues. off school) and Laney started getting it on Tuesday night, and still has it. She's been home from school all week! Elijah started crying that his belly and throat hurt yesterday and I started feeling like crap yesterday too. Oh my. Trying to take care of sick kids when you feel sick yourself is a little difficult. This whole house needs to be disinfected. You know that feeling like your whole house is sick?? Yeah, it feels like the air in this house is infested with germs. I plan on washing all the bedding today and trying (as much as I can) to disinfect everything. It just feels gross in here.
This weekend will be devoted to getting everyone well in this house. We'll have my neice Bailey all weekend while my sister and her husband and his family all go on a cruise, so hopefully she doesn't get it.
And on one final note, I just want to say a big CONGRATS to Miss on her pregnancy!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My loves

We had a pretty good Valentine's Day weekend. Mike and I went out to eat on Friday night while Laney stayed the night at a friend's house and Chloe, Elijah and Isaac went to Grandma's house. Saturday, my mom picked up the girls and took them to my sister's house, so they were gone a good part of the day. Isaac started not feeling very well, so we just pretty much hung out at home. We did leave once, to get me some Subway and Mike some Chipotle. We had a good day with the boys, here at home. Sunday, we had to miss church due to Isaac's illness. Mike actually could have gone to second service, as he helps in the youth praise band (he plays the bass guitar), but I told him I really needed him here to help. Isaac was running a really high fever and throwing up, and Elijah was in a mood, not to mention that Laney and Chloe had been going at it since they awoke that morning. So, since we didn't really do anything for the kids for V-day, I made their favorite breakfast (french toast) and lunch (sloppy joes with fries) and Mike went and picked up a new Wii game to play with them.
I know most of these pictures are of Isaac, and I realize it makes me look like I play favorites, but really, he's the only one that will sit still long enough for me to get a picture. Elijah is usually just a flash running by me all day, and the girls are at school all day. I also realize that this post is titled "My Loves" and there isn't a picture of Mike in here at all. I'm really bad at taking pictures of anyone that's not my children. I do love him more than life though. He is my best friend and my soul mate. I seriously couldn't dream up someone better that fits exactly what I want in a husband. He's so thoughtful of me...some examples--he rubs my back at night ALL the time, even if he has to get up early for work the next day, and I just found a little love note he left for me on the counter when he went to work! He is an amazing father...he plays on the floor with the kids (which is their favorite thing to do with their daddy) all the time! He loves the Lord with all his heart and strives to be like Him! I could go on and on. He really is everything I could ever want in a husband. God has very much blessed our marriage, and I pray that He will forever be the center of it!

One of the 4 cutest kids in the world!

Elijah banging on Isaac's alphabet drum...he loves letters and numbers! Ever since he's learned his letters (and numbers, but he's known them for a while), he's constantly pointing them out on signs and things whenever we're out.

Look how much our dog has grown!!

Laney's V-Day box and bear from Ma-Maw and Pa-Pa

Yay for candy!! It helps him run even faster! :)

Poor Isaac didn't feel so hot.

What's in there?

Who are you??

Come here...let me give you smooches!

Chloe hyped up on sugar...
Thank you Ma-Maw and Pa-Pa!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok. I seriously need to get my booty in shape. I've been doing really well for the past 3 weeks or so, and I've lost about 10lbs. I'm not on a diet. No. I've just changed my way of thinking about food; I've made a lifestyle change. No more pop. or soda, or however you say it, and I'm just eating better in general. Oh, and we bought an elliptical that I'm in love with. Seriously. I LOVE this thing! I do it for 30 minutes at least every day, and about 3 times a week, I do it twice a day. I love the energy that I get from doing it! It's awesome. I'm in love. So my motivation to do all this (other than the fact that I want to feel better and look better) is that I'm going to be in my best friends' wedding coming up in May. And my dress is sleeveless/strapless. Um. Yeah. Something has to be done to my body before I will ever get into anything like that in public. And we've decided to get our whole family season passes to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun this year! The girls are super excited! Chloe asks me at least once a day how much longer till we can go. I had a season pass to Oceans of Fun every year growing up, and those were some of the best memories I've ever made...going with my cousins all the time. And I had a pretty good tan for a little girl :) Anyway, to do this, I will have to be in much better physical shape than I am now. I will not get into a swimsuit with the way my body looks right now. I just won't. I'm way too insecure. I would love to get a breast reduction before then, but I don't think that's in the cards for now. I've actually seen a plastic surgeon about it twice, and both times, right before my scheduled surgery date, I found out that I was pregnant....and obviously had to cancel the surgery. And if we're having another one, I'd like to wait till after the baby is finished nursing to have it done. They give you a breast lift with the reduction! Hello! I'm not gonna go through all that and then start breastfeeding just to have them start sagging again :) Anyway, enough about my boobs. :D

I have a few pictures to post. They're nothing special, just some that I've taken over the past couple of weeks.

Lily sleeping with Elijah on the couch :)

He loves play-doh!! What kid doesn't, right?

Chloe's play-doh pie. It looked like something out of a dr. seuss book :)

My littlest man :)

Isaac and Daniel having a snack together (His mommy is the one getting married in May)


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