Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New camera!

I've been wanting a digital SLR for a while now, and this weekend we caught a really good sale on a package deal that came with the camera and an extra telephoto lens, so we couldn't pass it up. I love messing around with it...it brings me hours of enjoyment! :) Like I have massive amounts of time on my hands... We went over to my mom's house on Sunday, so I took some there and then that afternoon, Mike was mowing and the kids were playing in the backyard, so I figured it was a kodak moment (well, Nikon moment really) and I got a few really good ones! I have to admit, some of the best ones were actually accidents. :D

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Spring stuff....


Singing to Jesus...

Chloe singing...

Preschool choir

Laney waiting for the program to start

Laney saying her verse -- Psalm 19:7 "The law of the Lord is perfect; it gives us new life."

Elem. choir

Boys will be boys....

"What the...??"

"Um...you're sitting on me."

"Get off now"

Playing outside...

Laney drawing her hopscotch thing.

Baby bunnies we found in my mom's backyard. The mom kept hopping by us...probably trying to tell us to get away from her babies :)

They were so sweet!

The girls had their karate tests tonight for the next belt color. They don't allow parents to watch the testing...for obvious reasons, but I'm pretty sure Laney did a good job, Chloe on the other hand...I dunno about her. She was doing pretty good today when we were practicing at home, but she is easily distracted and then says she can't remember what she's supposed to do. Who knows how she did tonight. Laney said she did everything right, so we'll see. We find out if they advanced to the next belt color next Monday at the awards ceremony. I really love their sensei. He's a Christian guy and a police officer for Blue Springs. He's very nice, but very stern...he definitely doesn't mess around. Every week I have to write a note telling him if the girls had a good week and if they did their homework...which is anything from setting the table, obeying the first time, brushing teeth twice a day to no TV for a week, no pop or candy...stuff like that. It changes every week. If the girls are acting up, I just tell them that I'm gonna let their sensei know how they're acting and they straighten up really quick!!! I love it! Of course, I can also say that Jesus isn't pleased with how they're acting and that works too. I obviously want them to be more concerned about pleasing God than pleasing me or the sensei! Something we tell them all the time!
Video of church program...


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