Sunday, March 30, 2008


Chloe is in the pre-school kids choir at church and they sang a couple songs last night before the service. She LOVES singing on the stage in what she calls the "front room" (aka: the sanctuary). She loves being the center of attention! :) I curled her hair and took some pictures of her before we left, because I knew her hair would most likely fall before we even got there...and sure enough...

Thursday night Laney had her "Bug" program at school, so my neice came over and watched the boys so Mike and I could go (with Chloe and Grandma Carol, of course) and not have to deal with trying to control Elijah...I don't even want to think about what a headache that would have been!
Here are the pictures of the girls' programs.

She had a small solo in The ants go marching...she was number 8 :) Here's a video of it. (The video starts with 6, so it takes a minute to get to her)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Friday, March 14, 2008

Just another day...

Here's a little peek into what goes on in my house on a regular basis.

Chloe came into the living room crying because she couldn't get something out of her hair. I had to take a picture (or 3) of it before I helped her get it out. Who knows how things like this happen???

She wasn't too happy that I wasn't helping her get it out...

So I made her give me a smile, and this is what I got.

Please keep in mind that this was before baths and changing out of pj's

Then there's Elijah, who I literally just got onto while typing this for ripping a page out of a book, who loves to get into the excersaucer, or really anything for that matter...

He got stuck in it the first few times...and I didn't help him out. I guess I figured it was easier to leave him in there and listen to him get mad than to chase him around the house.

He's got it figured out now.

Darn it!

Getting back in.

I got my wish when I wanted a boy after having the 2 girls...and I got the boyest in the land! My mom always says, well, you got that boy you always wanted! I do love him more than life itself, but *sigh* he's so incredibly full of energy, I just can't keep up!

My mom got the boys matching pj's and I love them! They are so cute!

Elijah tickling Isaac's foot...notice Elijah is the one laughing.

And kisses from sissy are the best!

It looks like he's trying to pucker up in this one. sweet!

This is his new face he makes constantly! He couldn't be any sweeter!!

I know, I have no pictures of Laney...she's always at school when the camera is out. I know...excuses. I'll take some of her this weekend. I need to get her hair grows so fast!


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