Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My crazy boy!!

Here's some videos of my funny man.

Okay. So I tried to retake that thinking that maybe he'd pay a little more attention to me....no. This is what I ended up with. :P

Laney's lost tooth!

Laney's tooth has been really loose for a while now. She was so scared to pull it, and it was hanging by a thread, so I told her to keep wiggling it and it finally came out tonight. She was so proud of it...she had to call Mamaw and Pa-Pa in Colorado to let them know :D She said she's gonna show all of her friends tomorrow at school! :) Here's her new grin...


And one of Chloe :)

Here it is!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm so tired of being pregnant! I'm so incredibly happy that this will be my last pregnancy forever! I just know that God has let me have a not so good pregnancy so that I won't be missing it when it's over :P I can't sleep at all, I have horrible pains in my lower abdomen, I constantly feel like I have a bladder infection, this baby kicks in places no other kid has kicked before (how can it get its foot or hand in my hip bone, I'd like to know :P), and the list goes on and on. I know, I know...I shouldn't be complaining. Pregnancy is a very awesome thing to experience and it's such a miracle. I just want to see my baby. Here's a pic of my belly at 33 weeks.

In other news, Laney is still loving school!! YAY! She had to miss a couple days a while back when she had pink eye, and she was so upset! She really likes her teacher and she's made a few friends that she talks about. Right when she gets home, Mike and I bombard her with questions about how her day went and what they did and stuff. She gets annoyed with it at times. :P Chloe really misses not having her here to play with. It's really sad to hear her playing with her ponies by herself. :( And Elijah really isn't at the stage yet where he can play with her. I'm glad that she'll be able to start school next year. She's really excited to go, now that she knows how much Laney likes it.


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