Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watch out, cause here he comes!

Here's a video of Jett's first few steps.  He's a lot sturdier now. ;)  He still can't stand himself up without pulling up on something first, but that's okay.  I know it will come in time...I don't want to rush anything!  He's already growing too fast!!! 

Edit:  Okay, now he's standing on his own...without the assistance of a table or a couch, or....me.  Sheesh, I can't even mention him growing up in my blog, or else he takes it as challenge and has to prove me wrong!  What a brat.

Watch out, cause here he comes!

Here's a video of Jett's first steps.  He's a little more sturdy now, although he still can't stand himself up without pulling up on something.

He's getting so big!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Disney World: 3 parks, 1 day aka: The last Disney World post! :)

On our second to last day there, we wanted to get everything done that we hadn't previously been able to do...even if that meant traveling all of Disney World property to do it.  And that's precisely what we did. 

We headed to Epcot first, to get even more pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald (well, this was the first with Donald) and Goofy.  Really, we only needed a picture with Donald and the autographs from the last three, but the characters are all in one place...meaning you have to go through the line to meet each of them. But really, what were we supposed to say to Mickey and Minnie? "Uh, hey guys, um, yeah...we won't be needing yet another picture with you both.  We're here for the others and their autographs.  Don't take it personally but, frankly, we're getting a tad bit tired of seeing you."  No, of course we couldn't say that.  although I would have totally loved to.  I'm pretty for sure that Isaac would have kicked my butt if I had said it, anyway.

{Ok, so this is my absolute favorite smile Elijah has ever given in all the pictures I have ever taken of him} 

We also wanted to go on the Journey Through Imagination with Figment ride.  If that's even what it's called. 

And the kids wanted to see the really cool water-shooting fountain area.

We ate lunch in Japan and tried to visit a few more countries, but we were tired, and we still needed to make it back to Magic Kingdom for the daytime parade.  We spotted Belle in her all-natural, no giant princess dress attire.  And since she's Laney's favorite princess (the only one with brown hair and brown eyes), we stopped for a quick picture.

We made it to Magic Kingdom with plenty of time to spare before the parade started, so the kids used one of their snack credits (have I mentioned how much I love their dining package) to get a lollipop.  We scoped out a good place to sit for the parade and the kids had fun making a mess eating their suckers and waiting for the parade to start.

{Isaac's weird little pose he insisted on doing}

{Do you see the kids smiling at her?  That's sometimes how they look at me when I'm giving them the same look as the Queen.}

After that, we headed to Hollywood Studios to check out the Indian Jones show.  We didn't see it the last time we were at Disney World, when the girls were 4 and 2, so we definitely wanted to see it this time! 

 After that was over, we just kinda wandered around Hollywood Studios for a while and Mike took the girls and Elijah on the Star Wars ride.  I waited for them in the gift shop and found the cutest Yoda backpack ever!  The price tag of $60 wasn't all that cute, though. 

{These aren't my pics...obviously...but isn't it cute!?!?}

We headed back to the hotel that evening and ate dinner there and went to bed.  I figured we would have time the next morning to go to one more park, or at least the boardwalk or something, but it took a long time to get packed back up and get checked out and all that.  We sat in the dining area for about 2 hours the last day, waiting for the bus to take us back to the airport.  The flight home was pretty uneventful, thankfully! 

We had so much fun on our trip, and I'm looking forward to our next one!  We love Disney World!!! 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

11 Month Jett

One more month, and my baby will be a year old!  Why won't he listen to me when I tell him to stop growing!  He's such a rebel! =)

At 11 months:

He's walking!!!!  He can't stand himself up without pulling up on something yet, but he always walks away from whatever he's standing at. 

He's getting more and more teeth.  He has 2 on the top (one is out more than the other, but you can definitely see both of them) and one all the way through on the bottom (it's his right lateral incisor...is that what their called?  not the two that are right in the middle, but the one right next to them...it's weird.)  with the 2 central incisors right at the surface and the left lateral incisor about half-way through.  The way his teeth are coming in is really odd.

He loves to fake laugh.  If he hears someone laugh, he'll force out this adorable little fake laugh.  

He's saying Ma-Ma!!!!  FINALLY!!!  It took him long enough, but he's finally saying it!  Whenever he's fussy or whining it's always "mamamama"  Of course...isn't that how it always goes? =)

He loves to play peekaboo!  It's hilarious...if I say "Where's Jett?", he'll put his hands on either side of his head...not over his eyes.  Mike says he thinks that's where his eyes are. :) 

He's developing such a funny personality...I think he's gonna have a good sense of humor!  When he's done eating, he lets me know by squeezing his eyes shut when I try to give him a bite.  He'll do that and then look at me and give a great big grin and squeeze his eyes shut again.  I'll start doing it back to him, and he just laughs.  He could do that back and forth for hours, I swear...he's a goober!

He's starting to push cars across the room...he's figuring out how to actually play with toys, and not just chew on them! haha!

He's still nursing and I'm planning on continuing for another month or so.  

He's a sweetie pie.  I just can't get enough of him!

More Fun at Magic Kingdom

After spending a day at each of the parks, we set aside the last few days to catch up on things we hadn't been able to do earlier.  The first catch-up day was spent at the Magic Kingdom...there's so much to do there!

Before our trip, I learned that you could get your baby's first haircut at their barber shop, so that's where we went first.  Jett did great!  He sat still the whole time and didn't make a sound.  The lady kept commenting on how well he was doing!  After she cut his hair, he got a pair of Mickey ears that says "First Haircut"  He looks so handsome with his big boy hair!

Since the barber shop is in the front of the park, we took the train around to the back of the park, where the judge's tent is...or where you meet Mickey.  This was, by far, Isaac's favorite part of the entire trip!  Every time I ask him what he like the most at Disney World, it's always "Meeting Mickey!"

{Elijah gave Minnie a kiss on the cheek. =)  He started warming up to the characters...apparently!}

After we got that checked off our to-do list, we rode on Goofy's Barnstormer, the kiddie roller coaster, and then let the kids play at Donald's boat.

The kids begged to go on the teacups, and of course we said yes...well, Mike said yes.  I said, you guys have fun...I'll watch!  Any ride that spins makes me so sick!  So Mike took the older 4 on it, while me, Chelsea, and Jett waited for them.

{Isaac was scared at first, but ended up loving it...a theme for him the whole week}
{of course, Elijah loved every minute!}

The speedway ride was definitely a must-do for Elijah, so Mike took him on that, and Elijah got to drive!  He had so much fun! 

Poor Isaac had to sit out...he was too short.  So we got him a lollipop to snack on! :)  He was just as happy about that!

We had lunch at El Pirata y el Perico, and it was yummy!  After we ate, we noticed that the pirate show was just starting, so we stopped to watch.   Laney got called to come up on stage with 3 other kids, to be trained by Captain Jack Sparrow on how to sword fight!  She was so excited!  At the end, Elijah and Chloe were also called up, along with about 15 other kids.

{Chloe is on the right side of the picture.}

Next, we were off to ride Pirates of the Caribbean.  It has a little bit of a drop, so I was a tad bit concerned about how Jett would do, but he was completely fine.  I'm a little bit paranoid, or didn't you know? :)
{Pirate Ikey}

The next few rides were the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (which Mike took Elijah on, and he loved it...his theme for the week), the carousel, and the Buzz Lightyear ride. 

{In front of the Haunted Mansion}

After all that, we were kinda just trying to kill time, waiting for the electrical parade and the fireworks show to start.  We got our seats on the curb early, and had ice cream while we waited.  I took the girls shopping while Mike saved our seats with the boys.

Can I just say that the opening part of the song to the electrical parade is like, the scariest thing on the planet.  Seriously, it frightens me...alot.  That robotic voice combined with the background music is just so eerie to me.   Maybe it's just me, but it is creeeeeeeeepy! 
The parade is cool, but that opening part is not!

This was the second time for us to see the Wishes nighttime firework show, because we had horrible seats the first time!

We were able to do everything on our check list, minus the daytime parade.  Magic Kingdom is so much fun!

Next Post:  3 Parks, 1 Day


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