Saturday, September 25, 2010

Disney World: 3 parks, 1 day aka: The last Disney World post! :)

On our second to last day there, we wanted to get everything done that we hadn't previously been able to do...even if that meant traveling all of Disney World property to do it.  And that's precisely what we did. 

We headed to Epcot first, to get even more pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald (well, this was the first with Donald) and Goofy.  Really, we only needed a picture with Donald and the autographs from the last three, but the characters are all in one place...meaning you have to go through the line to meet each of them. But really, what were we supposed to say to Mickey and Minnie? "Uh, hey guys, um, yeah...we won't be needing yet another picture with you both.  We're here for the others and their autographs.  Don't take it personally but, frankly, we're getting a tad bit tired of seeing you."  No, of course we couldn't say that.  although I would have totally loved to.  I'm pretty for sure that Isaac would have kicked my butt if I had said it, anyway.

{Ok, so this is my absolute favorite smile Elijah has ever given in all the pictures I have ever taken of him} 

We also wanted to go on the Journey Through Imagination with Figment ride.  If that's even what it's called. 

And the kids wanted to see the really cool water-shooting fountain area.

We ate lunch in Japan and tried to visit a few more countries, but we were tired, and we still needed to make it back to Magic Kingdom for the daytime parade.  We spotted Belle in her all-natural, no giant princess dress attire.  And since she's Laney's favorite princess (the only one with brown hair and brown eyes), we stopped for a quick picture.

We made it to Magic Kingdom with plenty of time to spare before the parade started, so the kids used one of their snack credits (have I mentioned how much I love their dining package) to get a lollipop.  We scoped out a good place to sit for the parade and the kids had fun making a mess eating their suckers and waiting for the parade to start.

{Isaac's weird little pose he insisted on doing}

{Do you see the kids smiling at her?  That's sometimes how they look at me when I'm giving them the same look as the Queen.}

After that, we headed to Hollywood Studios to check out the Indian Jones show.  We didn't see it the last time we were at Disney World, when the girls were 4 and 2, so we definitely wanted to see it this time! 

 After that was over, we just kinda wandered around Hollywood Studios for a while and Mike took the girls and Elijah on the Star Wars ride.  I waited for them in the gift shop and found the cutest Yoda backpack ever!  The price tag of $60 wasn't all that cute, though. 

{These aren't my pics...obviously...but isn't it cute!?!?}

We headed back to the hotel that evening and ate dinner there and went to bed.  I figured we would have time the next morning to go to one more park, or at least the boardwalk or something, but it took a long time to get packed back up and get checked out and all that.  We sat in the dining area for about 2 hours the last day, waiting for the bus to take us back to the airport.  The flight home was pretty uneventful, thankfully! 

We had so much fun on our trip, and I'm looking forward to our next one!  We love Disney World!!! 



Sheila said...

Love all your pictures Sarah! And I loved learning all about your trip!! Wish we could have gone too!

Neha said...

Love, love, loved all the pictures! The kids are looking adorable!

Though I didnt like the backpack as much...might scare the younger ones :)


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