Thursday, September 2, 2010

Disney World: The Flight and Arrival

We had an awesome vacation, and I want to remember everything about it (which is probably why I have over 800 pictures, and close to 5 hours of video) so I'm going to be writing separate posts for each day.   Bear with me...I realize that not everyone cares about the little details, but like I said, I want to remember everything about it, so this is what my next few many posts are gonna be about.

Day 1:  The Flight and Arrival

The kids were so excited to tear off the last chain of our countdown to Disney World!  They excitedly ripped it off, and were happy to get into bed by 8:30 on that Friday night.

We woke up at 2:30am on Saturday, August 21st so we could be at the airport by 4:30.  We arrived at the airport, with plenty of time to spare, so we walked around a while before going through security.  Once you pass through security at our airport, there are no bathrooms or restaurants to visit, nor is there anything else to do besides sit in uncomfortable chairs.  We knew the kids had 3+ hours of sitting in uncomfortable chairs already ahead of them, so we let them wander, look out the window at airplanes, and just be free for a while before embarking upon this adventure.

We boarded the plane with many, many glares and thoughts of, Seriously, how am I this unlucky to be on the same flight as this family? This is going to be the worst airplane ride of my life, I'm sure of it.  I'm assuming those were their thoughts, as that is what I took from the looks on their faces.  But we proved them wrong.  My little angels did awesome!  Seriously, I was in shock myself.  A lady behind me even tapped me on the shoulder and said "I can't believe how well behaved your kids are.  I'm just in awe.  I keep looking at them, thinking 'cry, do something' and they just sit there.  You have wonderful children."   I wanted to cry, as I couldn't believe she was talking to me.  The flight was the one thing I was most concerned about.  It was the first time to fly for Elijah, Isaac and Jett.  I didn't know how they would be, knowing how busy they all are, with sitting still for 3 hours, or how they would deal with their ears popping and all that comes with that, but they handled everything like rockstars.  My kids are amazing.  The only thing that came from the ear popping situation was, at one point, Isaac yelled out "Mommy, I can't hear anything!"  That was it.  no crying. no whining. no fighting.  They either slept, ate, colored or played the DS.  I'm still in awe of how well they did on all 4 flights.  (we had to change planes in Memphis.) 

Elijah loved flying!  Seriously!  During takeoff, he sat it his seat, staring out the window with the biggest smile ever!  I, for one, am scared to fly.  I hate it!  And takeoff is the worst for me.  Isaac is in my boat, apparently.  He's not a fan of flying.  He did okay, and never cried, but the worried look on his face as we were accelerating and lifting off of the ground needed no words.  I hear ya, buddy.  Once we leveled off he was fine.  and so was I.   The girls did excellent the whole way, as I knew they would...they were just happy to be getting there! 

We arrived at the Orlando airport at about 11:30am, took the tram to the baggage claim area, and proceeded to the lower level to catch our bus to Disney World!  They have their own transportation to and from the airport, which is very convenient, and buses that have "Disney World Magical Express" written on the sides.  We were put into one of their buses that was all yellow, and didn't have Mickey on it anywhere...which I thought would disappoint them, mainly Isaac, but he didn't care...I don't even think he realized it.  That was, until we returned back to the airport to come home, he spotted that one yellow bus and said "Mommy, that's the bus we rode to Disney World!"  I couldn't believe he remembered! :) 
We boarded the bus and watched a movie for the 35 minute drive to our resort.  I remember looking out the window at the rain and thinking that it was gonna suck if this was the weather we had to deal with all week. and it was.  But it honestly wasn't that bad....there were a few times when it would pour for an hour or so, and we just had to sit and wait for it to pass, but other than that, it wasn't bad at all.

After about 20 minutes of driving, we looked out the right side of the bus, and this is what we saw!

We were there!
We arrived at our hotel, received our keys to the world, got "My First Visit" buttons for Elijah, Isaac, and Jett and got settled into our room.

{Chloe and Isaac in front of the Roger Rabbit statue at our hotel}

The girls were excited about the rag bunny waiting for us in our room.  Way more excited than they should have been, if you ask me. :)

So we were finally there, and we were ready for the fun to begin!!!!

(next post:  Resort splash park and the first visit to the Magic Kingdom)

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