Wednesday, September 1, 2010

10 Month Jett

This post is a little late, but there's good reason for that.  See, we were in Disney World when Jett turned 10 months old, and I didn't exactly have the time to post about it...we were having too much fun! 

I haven't taken his 10 month crib pictures yet, but here he is on his actual 10 month birthday.

At 10 months old:

He got his first haircut!
He now has one bottom tooth and one of his top teeth is makin' it's way through!
He's still on the verge of walking, although, I think a whole week basically only being in the stroller has set him back a bit. :)
He's starting to eat big boy food, as in the food we eat for dinner...his is just cut up into tiny pieces!
He's starting to climb up on the fireplace and stand up...if only he could figure out how to get back down. :)
He met Mickey Mouse!
He's still the sweetest little baby in the world!

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