Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disney World: Epcot

For alot of people, Epcot is the most boring park in Disney World, and I used to be one of those people, but now that I'm getting older, I'm so much more interested in taking my time and actually looking around in the world showcase, rather than just hurrying through it.  The staff (or cast members as Disney calls them) in each country are always from that specific country, so it makes it more interesting.  or at least I'm assuming...not that I would actually know, because it's not that easy to just spark up a conversation with someone about life back in their homeland when you've got 5 kids pulling at you, telling you their hungry and bored and yada yada yada.  It would probably be interesting is all I'm tryin' to say.  Anywho...  We did try to do all we could at Epcot, including the World Showcase, and we did alot, but I'm excited to go back when the kids are older and will understand and enjoy that part more.  They have a new Kim Possible mission thing, where the kids get a little cell phone that they get messages from the KimPossible characters on, explaining to them which countries to go to, and what little clues to look for.  It's really neat, they can be standing in one part of a country and push a button when the phone tells them to, and a little flag will raise, or steam will billow out of a chimney, or a song will play...different things like that.  Laney and Chloe did a few missions, but the boys were getting bored just sitting in the stroller, so they didn't get to do all they wanted to with it. 

Okay, so on with the rest of our day...
Right when we arrived, we saw Stitch standing at the entrance, so we hustled over to get a picture with him.

I don't know if they had the Finding Nemo ride when we were there last, but I definitely wanted to make sure we checked it out this time, so it was the first place we went.

{the birds on the left side of the picture are the "mine" birds.  "Mine. Mine. Mine"}  So cute!

After the Finding Nemo ride, we headed over to the Innoventions area where they have all kinds of interactive things to do.  The kids got to play a game all together, sorting different storm shelter kit pieces into their bins...and they had a blast!

There's a little area called Club Cool, where you can taste all different pops (or sodas, or whatever you call it) from around the world.  Everyone knows the Italian one to be the worst, so that's the one I wanted the kids to taste first. haha.  I'm a mean mom.

{this was Elijah's really is bad stuff}

We also went on Test Track, where they put you in a convertable "test" car and take you through all their different scenarios (stopping with and without anti-lock brakes, driving through a heated area and a cooled area, driving over bumps to test the shocks, etc.) and then they take you for a ride around the whole building on an outdoor track, going about 60-65 miles an hour!  Elijah LOVED it!  If you know anything about Elijah, you know that cars are his world, so he was in heaven on this ride.  He smiled the entire time!  I have no pics of it though. :(

After all that, we started making our way around the World Showcase...







{BORING AMERICA} -- they need to liven this place up a tad.


I had never been on the Living With the Land ride, so we checked that off our to-do list.  It was a nice, relaxing ride.  a little bit boring, but relaxing. 

{Laney begged me to take a picture of the water lilies...:)}

We ended the day by not watching their fireworks/laser light show, which I kind of regret, because it's really neat.  We were all just worn out.  But we had fun...well, most of us did.  When we went back later in the week, Elijah and Isaac both said "I don't wanna go to Epcot!"  Apparently it wasn't a big hit with the boys. :)

Next post:  More fun at Magic Kingdom

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MommaHarms said...

I'm enjoying these posts, even if they are making me a tad longing to be in FL. Chloe's eyes in the pop picture-priceless!


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