Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disney World: Day 2 at the Magic Kingdom

Day 2 started out early!  We woke up at 7, ate breakfast at our resort and was at the Magic Kingdom by 8:45. 

{Elijah's waffle breakfast.  We will always do the dining plan!  It is totally worth it!}

{Chloe on the bus to the Magic Kingdom}

The park opened at 9, so we were able to see the opening show.  I didn't get any pics of it, but I recorded the whole thing on our video camera, and captured Isaac and Elijah's faces when they first saw the characters arriving on the train.  Their expressions were priceless!  Isaac started waving and saying hi to all of them.  Elijah just smiled and waved. 

The first ride we headed to was Dumbo.  We weren't able to do it the night before...they had closed it because of the lightening.  The kids all loved it! 

After that, we headed to the Winnie the Pooh ride.  It was air conditioned, and the line was short.  That's always nice!

The girls had been begging all day to go on Splash Mountain.  That was probably the ride they had both been looking forward to the most.  So we headed over and rode it...they got to ride it twice with the parent swap ticket.  (I ride first with the girls and Mike waits with the boys.  After we're done, he gets to get right on and take 2 more people with him, so the girls would always get to ride everything twice!  Fun for them!)  When it was Mike's turn, I took the boys to the laughing place area, so they could burn off some energy!

We went to Mickey and Minnie's houses to look around, and had all intentions of meeting Mickey after that, until I got sick and had to get out of the line we were in to see him.  We went back later in the week to see him, but we had fun this day walking around their houses.  They are so chubby and bright and cute! :)

{Minnie's house}

{Jett had fun just taking it all in!}

{Mickey's house}

We had lunch, did more rides, and just enjoyed the day!  That night, we watched the firework show from right in front of the castle, which is not exactly the ideal place to sit.  All of the fireworks are behind the castle, so we couldn't see half of them, but the kids still loved it...I guess that's all that matters! 

Magic Kingdom was open till 1am that night, so we stayed for a little while longer after the fireworks show was over and rode on the Buzz Lightyear ride. 

{Elijah was too focused on scoring points to look at any camera!}

We got back to the hotel around 11 or so, and we were all beat!  The kids had an awesome day at the Magic Kingdom!

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