Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disney World: Animal Kingdom

Okay, so I know these posts are probably driving you all nuts, but all I can say is, umm...sorry.  I have to put these memories somewhere, and this is the only "journal" type thing that I have, so...yeah...

Anyway, I also wanted to mention something I forgot in my last post.  During day 2 at Magic Kingdom, we went into the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor show.  Chloe got picked to be the little girl Boo!!!  They put a spotlight on her, and she was up on the big screen!  How cool is that?  I wish we would have taken a picture, or recorded it or something, but I was nursing Jett and Isaac was asleep in Mike's arms.  The monster that was telling the jokes was trying to play peek-a-boo with Chloe, and Chloe just sat there and smiled...didn't play back with her at all.  I think she was just really shy and confused as to what she was supposed to do.  It was cute anyway...after the monster kept trying to get her to play, to no avail, she said "oh well...she must be on a peek-a-break."  =)  It was memorable for Chloe, for sure.  She still brings it up!

Okay, so on to Animal Kingdom...
I've got to say that this is by far my least favorite park.  I don't know what it is about it, but I just don't like it very much.  It's the one park where, after we're done with it, I always think...good. Got that one over with.  I mean, there are fun things to do there, I just...I dunno.  Anyway...

So the day we were at Animal Kingdom, it poured down raining for a long time!  Thank goodness we got our ponchos the day before, they were lifesavers for the kids and the stroller!
Elijah started out the day with a fever and throwing up, so I was sure we were doomed from the start.  He started feeling better mid-morning, so it wasn't all that bad, but I'm still glad it happened at this park. :)

One of the first things we did was get fastpasses to Expedition Everest!  It was so much fun!  Probably one of my favorite rides at Disney World!  The girls had so much fun on it!  Laney was a little bit worried before we got on, but she did fine and really liked it!  Chloe will ride anything...she's my little daredevil. 

The first character greeting we stopped at was here, at Animal Kingdom.  Pluto and Goofy were together, and Isaac couldn't wait to see them!  He was in love with every character...I can't say it enough!  He was in awe every time we saw one.  Elijah was a different story.  He loved the rides. he hated the characters.  By the middle of the week, he had warmed up to them enough to get a picture, but by the end of the week, he was comfortable enough to give them hugs and kisses.  But alot of the pictures with characters won't have Elijah in them.

This was probably the funniest and funnest character greeting I've ever seen.  Goofy was messing with Pluto...picking on him, and just annoying was hilarious!  Poor Pluto!  ;)

The dino playground was one of Elijah's favorite things!  We stayed there for a long time.  The boys had a blast climbing on the rocks!!  This whole area was just what Elijah needed to make him feel better!  :)

{These dino tracks would growl when you stepped on them}

{Daddy and the boys on Tricera-Top Spin}

One of the best rides at Animal Kingdom is the safari. 

{We saw the cutest baby elephant ever!  It was so tiny!}

After the safari, we wandered over to Rafiki's Nature something or other, and looked around in their animal hospital for a while.  We found out that, if you arrive early enough, you can watch them perform surgeries and tests and other things they do to their animals through the glass that looks into the operating room.  I wish we would have know that before!  We also met Pocahantas, Rafiki and Jiminy Cricket there...none of which Elijah wanted a picture with, but he gave in and took one with Rafiki.  He was so funny...the whole time, he would turn around and look at Rafiki, like Don't touch me, you psychotic looking thing!  I'll take a picture, but that's where it ends...don't expect a hug or even a high five. 

{Elijah wouldn't even go near him!}

That was pretty much our day at Animal Kingdom.  We rode on Kali River Rapids, which is a really fun tube ride thing...but other than that, we didn't do much else.  Animal Kingdom is the one park where I really only allot one day to.  We had fun and we did everything we wanted to do there, so it was a successful day at Animal Kingdom. :)

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