Thursday, September 23, 2010

11 Month Jett

One more month, and my baby will be a year old!  Why won't he listen to me when I tell him to stop growing!  He's such a rebel! =)

At 11 months:

He's walking!!!!  He can't stand himself up without pulling up on something yet, but he always walks away from whatever he's standing at. 

He's getting more and more teeth.  He has 2 on the top (one is out more than the other, but you can definitely see both of them) and one all the way through on the bottom (it's his right lateral that what their called?  not the two that are right in the middle, but the one right next to's weird.)  with the 2 central incisors right at the surface and the left lateral incisor about half-way through.  The way his teeth are coming in is really odd.

He loves to fake laugh.  If he hears someone laugh, he'll force out this adorable little fake laugh.  

He's saying Ma-Ma!!!!  FINALLY!!!  It took him long enough, but he's finally saying it!  Whenever he's fussy or whining it's always "mamamama"  Of course...isn't that how it always goes? =)

He loves to play peekaboo!  It's hilarious...if I say "Where's Jett?", he'll put his hands on either side of his head...not over his eyes.  Mike says he thinks that's where his eyes are. :) 

He's developing such a funny personality...I think he's gonna have a good sense of humor!  When he's done eating, he lets me know by squeezing his eyes shut when I try to give him a bite.  He'll do that and then look at me and give a great big grin and squeeze his eyes shut again.  I'll start doing it back to him, and he just laughs.  He could do that back and forth for hours, I swear...he's a goober!

He's starting to push cars across the room...he's figuring out how to actually play with toys, and not just chew on them! haha!

He's still nursing and I'm planning on continuing for another month or so.  

He's a sweetie pie.  I just can't get enough of him!

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Neha said...

He is ADORABLE! And your words make me feel as if I know him so much already! Can imagine him squeezing his eyes shut too :)


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