Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok. I seriously need to get my booty in shape. I've been doing really well for the past 3 weeks or so, and I've lost about 10lbs. I'm not on a diet. No. I've just changed my way of thinking about food; I've made a lifestyle change. No more pop. or soda, or however you say it, and I'm just eating better in general. Oh, and we bought an elliptical that I'm in love with. Seriously. I LOVE this thing! I do it for 30 minutes at least every day, and about 3 times a week, I do it twice a day. I love the energy that I get from doing it! It's awesome. I'm in love. So my motivation to do all this (other than the fact that I want to feel better and look better) is that I'm going to be in my best friends' wedding coming up in May. And my dress is sleeveless/strapless. Um. Yeah. Something has to be done to my body before I will ever get into anything like that in public. And we've decided to get our whole family season passes to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun this year! The girls are super excited! Chloe asks me at least once a day how much longer till we can go. I had a season pass to Oceans of Fun every year growing up, and those were some of the best memories I've ever made...going with my cousins all the time. And I had a pretty good tan for a little girl :) Anyway, to do this, I will have to be in much better physical shape than I am now. I will not get into a swimsuit with the way my body looks right now. I just won't. I'm way too insecure. I would love to get a breast reduction before then, but I don't think that's in the cards for now. I've actually seen a plastic surgeon about it twice, and both times, right before my scheduled surgery date, I found out that I was pregnant....and obviously had to cancel the surgery. And if we're having another one, I'd like to wait till after the baby is finished nursing to have it done. They give you a breast lift with the reduction! Hello! I'm not gonna go through all that and then start breastfeeding just to have them start sagging again :) Anyway, enough about my boobs. :D

I have a few pictures to post. They're nothing special, just some that I've taken over the past couple of weeks.

Lily sleeping with Elijah on the couch :)

He loves play-doh!! What kid doesn't, right?

Chloe's play-doh pie. It looked like something out of a dr. seuss book :)

My littlest man :)

Isaac and Daniel having a snack together (His mommy is the one getting married in May)

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MommaHarms said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I struggle to find time to exercise - it seems work or kids always need me! So I know how much of a committment it is! Good job!


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