Friday, January 23, 2009

Elijah's new thing

So the other day, I was sitting on the couch and Elijah was on the other side with the dog...being all boyish...ya know, wrestling with her and what not. A few minutes passed, and it was getting old and they were getting loud, so I told him to stop and yelled at Lily to get down. Elijah looked right at me, and without missing a beat said, "You're driving me nuts!" (or nutths, as he has a lithp) I could not hold back the laughter. I seriously had not said that to him all day. Apparently I do say it to him, though. Boys.
Oh, and when he's not getting what he wants and I'm getting on to him for something, he calls me a bad boy.
Oh, AND.... HE PEED IN THE POTTY A BUNCH TODAY!!! He did have a few accidents, but seriously, I thought he would be around 5 or 6 before he was potty trained. This was the first day that he has told me he wanted to go poo-poo (it's what he calls pee and poo) in the potty. And he actually did it!!!

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