Friday, February 20, 2009


This has been my best friend all week!

What a horrible week this has been. As I stated in my last post, Isaac started getting sick last Sat. and his sickness has been in this house all week! He's feeling better, but Chloe got sick on Monday (thankfully the girls had Mon. and Tues. off school) and Laney started getting it on Tuesday night, and still has it. She's been home from school all week! Elijah started crying that his belly and throat hurt yesterday and I started feeling like crap yesterday too. Oh my. Trying to take care of sick kids when you feel sick yourself is a little difficult. This whole house needs to be disinfected. You know that feeling like your whole house is sick?? Yeah, it feels like the air in this house is infested with germs. I plan on washing all the bedding today and trying (as much as I can) to disinfect everything. It just feels gross in here.
This weekend will be devoted to getting everyone well in this house. We'll have my neice Bailey all weekend while my sister and her husband and his family all go on a cruise, so hopefully she doesn't get it.
And on one final note, I just want to say a big CONGRATS to Miss on her pregnancy!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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