Monday, August 31, 2009

~Jett's Room~

View from the hallway

The circle wall...that took us FOREVER!

The bedding

I wanted to hang his coming home outfit on here, but since we haven't picked anything out yet, I just put this shirt on was the first thing we bought for him :)

The glider will go in this corner once we find different pads or a cover for it.

I would like to get a lamp or a little monkey figure or something to go on the changing table, but other than that, the room is done!

It turned out just the way I imagined it! I love it, and I can't wait till he's here to play in it! :) It took alot of effort, but it was well worth it!


Miss said...

wow....SO cute! I love it! Do all of your kids have their own rooms? My poor Tad is going to have a little space under his sisters loft! =)

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Love it! Great work!


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