Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm totally boy crazy!

I was laying in bed this morning around 5:30 or so...after I woke to use the restroom for the 17th time...and I got into bed fully expecting to feel Jett wiggle around in there. I mean, he always does when I wake up, so I just assumed it would happen again. Well, he didn't. For about 15 minutes, I pushed and poked my tummy hoping to feel any sort of movement. I woke Mike up after that 15 minutes and told him what was going on. I got up to drink something...all we had that was sweet was tea...and got back into bed. I was in tears by this time, so worried about my little man in there. I laid on my right side and just prayed that God would wake him up and let him kick me, to ease my worried mind. Not even before I was done praying, I felt a tiny little poke. I rolled onto my back and started poking around again, and thought I felt some little movements. I turned onto my left side, and he started kicking up a storm. I was so relieved! Thank God my baby boy is still safe and sound in there.
I honestly am so happy we're having another baby boy! I stood in the kitchen today, and just almost cried thinking about how excited I am to meet him! I literally CAN NOT wait! He's so much a part of our family now. As crazy as I know our house is gonna be, I just can't even imagine not having 3 boys!

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