Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just a little bit worried...

It's no precious little Isaac is the biggest momma's boy in the world. If you're around him for 2 seconds, you'll figure that out. It's awesome. For me. Not so much for Mike. When Mike gets home from work, he likes to chill on the couch for a few minutes, and who can blame him? He's a hard workin' man! I love it! And I'd love it if Isaac would give Mike as much snuggle time as I get from him. But he won't. It's not that he doesn't absolutely LOVE Mike, he just always wants me. There are a few times when Mike is able steal some snuggle time from him, but it's usually when I'm out of the room, or when he's tired.

The snuggle time with Mike is not what I'm worried about though...

What.the.heck am I going to do when this baby is born? I plan on nursing, and along with the concerns I have about Elijah tearing my house up or starting a fire while I have a wee one suctioned to me, I'm more concerned about Isaac feeling neglected. I've never ever felt like this with any of my other children before I birthed the next. Laney was so excited for Chloe to be here...I think she understood more than Isaac does at this point. Chloe and Laney were both excited for Elijah to be was their first brother and all. And Elijah could not have cared less when Isaac was born. Honestly, it almost shocked me how passive he was about the whole thing. But he's never been a momma's boy...he's pretty much done his own thing since he was born, and he's still like that. But Isaac is a completely different story. I am not exaggerating when I say that I get probably 50 to 100 kisses from Isaac a day. And that's only counting the times he comes up to me for a kiss. "Ma, tiss" is what I hear all day, along with feeling his chubby little hands grab my head and turn my face towards him. Of course, I'm in no way complaining about these wonderful kisses, I love and adore every single one! I just know he's gonna be so jealous when Jett arrives.

When I'm working in the nursery at church with Isaac's age group, there have been times when I've had to take Isaac to Mike so I could actually be of some help in there. He does not like me holding any other kids at all.

He's such a sweet boy, and I absolutely hate the thought of him feeling neglected in any way. As far as how much he's aware of concerning a new baby being in the house, I think he understands there's a baby in my belly. I point to my belly and tell him there's a baby in there, and he knows his name is Jett. Either that, or he just thinks my belly is called Jett. ??? I'm not too sure if he understands that this baby will actually come out at some point though.

Oh how I love this little boy!
I just hope he remembers that when this other little guy is taking up some of his time with his momma!


Adventure Mom Janna said...

I wouldn't worry. I think he'll adjust soon enough. Hopefully, he'll realize he has 2 people to kiss and love now.

I've heard of moms with an older child that needs help adjusting giving the child a doll that they can mimic what the mom is doing ie giving a bath, diaper change. But I don't know since he is a boy and you might not want him to copy you breastfeeding! Ha!

MommaHarms said...

I was worried with Natalie - she's a momma's girl - and we had our moments but it was ok after the first two months. Your kids are so pretty. (even the boys - is that bad to say when they're babies?)


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