Saturday, July 25, 2009

A sign of things to come

This kid, ya know, the one that I'm carrying inside of me, the one we call Jett. Yeah, him. I'm pretty for sure he thinks it's completely okay to kick me all. night. long. Already. We're not even to 30 weeks yet. And he's not even in my ribs yet. And he's probably not even 2 pounds yet. Please, oh please my little Jett darling, don't be like this when you come out. Of course, you can do anything you want and I will love you an insane amount, more than you could ever imagine, but can you just do this one thing for me?

I can already see Elijah in him...and he's not even born yet. :)

1 comment:

MommaHarms said...

hopefully you get some calm days out of him in the weeks to come! Megan was soooo verrryyy active I was convinced she was a boy and all of the ultrasounds were wrong but she's just an active kid - still. She won't sit still to be read to to save her life! Even when she's completely and totally exhausted.


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