Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More photoshop awesomeness!!

Thanks to MckMama and her fabulous photoshop tips, I have taken my photo from

To this:

The photo below is how I had it originally photoshopped, which I still like, but I LOVE the distressed filters the best!

Here's this one of Isaac straight out of the camera:

And here it is after:

This is how I had it originally fixed, which again, I really like, but the distressed look gets me every time.

And lastly, this picture of the boys is one I have really wanted to print and hang, but haven't because I figured I don't want little Jett left out. Well, I may still do it just because now it looks amazing after I altered it with her tips.

Here it is straight out of the camera:

And this is how I had it fixed up before, which, yet again, I really like....but....

Oh my goodness...I'm in love with this version (or whatever you call it...hey, it's late and I'm tired)

She says that she buys her images, i.e. scratched metal, burlap, etc.(the ones you will place over your own photo) off, but I just googled distressed filters (under images) and things like that and saved them to my computer. One word though, when you google them, make sure you click on the tab that comes down and select "extra large" size, otherwise, when you overlay them and stretch them out over the original picture, they will look all pixelly (is that a word?).
Anyway, go try it out! It's way too much fun not to!! And if you don't have photoshop, get it! :)

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