Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm already nesting!!! What in the world?? Okay, so it's nice that I'm starting to get more and more energy, and it's nice that my house is so clean, but I really can't stop myself from cleaning and it's really annoying! I've cleaned out my closet, the girls' closet, underneath the kids' bathroom sink, the laundry is always done, and I've deep cleaned the kitchen...pretty much ;)...along with the normal cleaning I do all the time. I did the boys' room a little while ago when I changed out their winter clothes for summer, and it has stayed pretty much in order. I think we're moving the girls' room downstairs tomorrow, and then we'll be able to get started on Jett's nursery!! I've washed the onsies that the girls got me and put them in the dresser that we're using for Jett. This dresser, well more like a chest of drawers, has been in my closet ever since we've lived here, and I NEVER use it, so we've decided that we'll paint it to match his room and put it in there. That way, the older boys will get to keep their dresser in their room. Anyway, I realize that this post was incredibly boring, and I'm totally sorry!! Just so this post isn't a total waste of your time, here's some pics of the boys I took the other day while they were playing in their room.

This baby loves to read!!! He wants me to read to him ALL THE TIME!

Isaac with his tools (which come in 2nd place after books) and Elijah with his blocks (which come in 2nd place, after Hot Wheels...notice the Hot Wheels rug they're sitting on... ;D), and a rare moment when they're playing together so nicely.

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