Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New rooms!

Mike didn't work today, so we decided to move the girls' room to the playroom downstairs. I'm sure the boring details are something only I care about, but since this is my blog, I'm gonna put them in here anyway. :) We moved their bed, nightstand, dresser, chest of drawers, tv, and rearranged the playroom downstairs to fit it all. We also moved the crib, the bookshelf, the changing table and the rocking chair out of Elijah and Isaac's room and into Jett's room (which is where the girls were). We took the chest of drawers (the one that hasn't been used at all in the past 4 years) out of my closet and put that in Elijah and Isaac's room to take the place of the changing table, since all of Elijah's clothes were in that. We're planning on moving our other toddler bed upstairs into Elijah and Isaac's room once we get a mattress for it. Isaac will just sleep in Jett's room until then. We still need to get Jett's bedding and stuff and paint in his room...we certainly can't keep it purple...and we'll be pretty much done!! I don't think we're gonna paint the downstairs to match the girls' stuff any time soon. I'm sure they'll want it done eventually, but for now it's good. They've been down there all day playing...they love it!

We've been talking about doing all that for a while now, and I'm so glad that it's finally done!

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