Sunday, July 12, 2009

The best baby shower ever!

Most every Sunday, we go over to my mom's house, along with my 2 sisters and their families to have dinner. Today was no different, and when we got ready to leave, Laney asked to stay for a while longer, since her cousin Bailey was staying too. Chloe wanted to go home with Mike and I, which is really unusual...most of the time she wants to stay (I think it had something to do with us renting a Wii game she really wanted to play ;P). So we went home and let her play on the Wii for a while, and then went outside to do some yard work and to let her and the boys play.

I talked to my mom around 7:30 and told her that I would be coming to get Laney and she told me to make sure Chloe was with me. Okay...? So off we went to pick her up. When we got there, I walked into the kitchen, and saw the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen. There, on the kitchen table, were 3 "It's a boy" balloons tied together, 4 hand-made paper place settings, 2 gift bags with cards, coffee mugs stuffed with water balloons, and 4 plates piled with crackers, grapes, cookies and peanuts. Laney and Bailey yelled "Surprise!" and told me that it was a surprise baby shower. My mom said that they put it all together on their own...she didn't even know what they were doing. She did give each of them 2 onsies to put into the gift bags, but that was all she did. They came up with the rest on their own. Chloe and I sat down and ate our snacks with them and I opened my gifts and read their cards. I so wish I had a camera, and the closest thing I had, which was Mike's cell phone, had no battery and wouldn't take a picture. So I wrote down everything they did and brought home the place settings and the cards and took pictures of them. Here they are...

Here are the place settings. The one on the top right has my name on it, so I would know where to sit :)

Here are the front of their cards...Bailey's on the left and Laney's on the right.

The inside of the card Bailey made. She drew our whole family on the left, and (if you can't make it out) on the right it says, "It's a boy and it will be your 5th kid. I am so happy for you."

Here's the inside of Laney's card. She drew me and her on the right :)

And here's the back of Laney's card. "Great, another mess maker" :D She's funny....and right! :)

What a wonderful daughter and neice I have...and I'm sure Chloe would have been right there helping if she were there! This is the most memorable baby shower I have ever had...I love them so much!!

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