Monday, September 29, 2008

Our little Elmer

Yesterday we were blessed to be able to see the Children of the World choir perform at our church. This is the 3rd or 4th time we've seen them and they are amazing every time!!! They are connected to World Help, a sponsorship program that helps children around the world. We told the girls that they could pick one child that we could support, so they picked Elmer. Chloe was so excited about it...when we were filling out all the paperwork, she asked when we would be bringing him home. :) I told her that he wouldn't be living with us, but that we would be sending him money so that he could have food and clothes and hear about Jesus. Well, later that day, Mariah, one of my nieces, asked Chloe how church was and she told Mariah that we were gonna sell a little boy to give him food and clothes. :D Mariah said "Do you mean, you're gonna send money to him?" Chloe said "Oh, yeah. That's what I meant." She's so funny! :) She talked about it all day! When I was reading the info about the little boy, that he was living in a chldren's home and that he had alot of medical problems...things like that, Laney started tearing up. She has such a soft heart ;) Here's a picture of the sweet little pumkin!

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