Monday, September 15, 2008


We took the girls to the circus last Thursday. It was fantastic! The girls had so much fun!! Laney has been once or twice before and although she really enjoyed it then, she just LOVED it this time! Chloe wasn't as into it as Laney was. I mean, she had a really good time, but she got a little bored at the end and kept asking Mike if it was almost over. We got there an hour before it started, for the pre-show, and that was almost as good as the circus itself! I think Chloe really liked that part! A word of warning to anyone going to the Sprint Center for the first time - if you park in one of the garages, find a place near the exit! We sat in the parking garage for literally 30 minutes. In the same spot. Unable to move an inch. It's at those times that I'm incredibly grateful that our van has a DVD player. We did have a great time though, and it was fun to do something with just the girls!

This was at the pre-show

The girls trying on costumes

The elephant painting.

She got a loaf of bread as a treat :) They had fun facts that said that all of the horses were male and all of the elephants were female.


Everyone (including the animals :D) was wearing Bello hair!

You can't go to the circus and not have cotton candy!


The hat they got with their cotton candy

Catching the confetti

Chinese acrobats

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