Monday, September 1, 2008

Jax the cat

Meet our newest family member, Jax.

The girls have been wanting a pet for a while now, and while I would have prefered a dog, I just wouldn't be able to handle one right now, trying to house break it and stuff, so we settled on a cat. I have to admit that he is very cute...kittens are always cute...but then they grow. Elijah loves him and keeps saying "Oh yook (look), cute kitty!" Isaac is just kinda confused about what it is. He keeps trying to hit him. He's probably thinking, alright! someone smaller than me that I can terrorize! :) We just got him today, so I'm not sure how the night's gonna go. We'll see, I guess. There's always the basement to throw him in if he's a singer :D

1 comment:

MommaHarms said...

He is cute, and grey cats are pretty cute as adults if you don't let them get too chubby! :)


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