Saturday, September 6, 2008

Elijah's story

Well, after Chloe was born, we knew we wanted to wait a while to get pregnant again. In the Spring of '05, I had noticed something just wasn't right with me, so I decided I had better take a pregnancy test just in case...completely not expecting it to come out positive. That second line didn't take it's time showing up. I was a little bit disappointed. I had wanted to wait a little while longer, seeing that we were still living in a 2 bedroom house. We decided to put the house up for sale that August and start looking for a place that our growing family would fit into. On August 15th, Laney's 4th birthday, we went in for our 20 week u/s. I had just resigned myself to the fact that we were gonna have another girl. It was our destiny. It was just how it was gonna be. It ran in my family. I have 2 sisters and ZERO brothers. Out of my mom's 7 grandkids, only 1 of them was a boy. And he was the oldest. So I readied myself for the u/s technician to tell me what I already knew. When the words "it looks like a boy to me" came out of her mouth, I thought she was playing a horrible trick. I made her repeat herself and within the 30-45 minutes that we were in there, I made her show me the goods approximately 20-30 times. I should add that up to this point, Laney had always said that it was a boy. Well when she heard the u/s tech. say that it was a boy, she said "I told you it was a boy mom!". I just couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe I was growing a boy inside of me! I have always always always wanted a boy, but I just figured my body was incapable of carrying them or something. I was in utter shock. really. I didn't know what to do. Do I cry? Do I laugh? Are you sure it's a boy? My sister was in the waiting room watching Chloe and my mom was due to arrive any minute, so Mike went out to see if she was there yet. Well, when Mike got out to the waiting room, my mom was just walking in and he looked at her and yelled out "IT'S A BOY!!!!" They say (since I was still in the u/s room, I had no idea what was going on) that everyone in the waiting room started laughing. They probably saw us there with a bunch of girls (my neices were there too) and thought, that poor guy needs a son in this estrogen ocean! So my mom's grandkids were as follows: boy, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, and boy!!!!!! finally! We went straight to Babies r us and registered for all the stuff I would previously just walk right on by.

I was induced 2 days before my due date (apparently Dr. Lemberger loves the pitocin) and had a pretty easy labor up until the end. My epidural started wearing off and I was starting to feel every bit of those contractions. I can vividly remember at one point, it hit me all of the sudden, and I just looked at Mike and said "He's coming out NOW!" My dad was in the room at the time, and right when he heard me, he rushed out and I could hear him going down the hallway saying "She's pushing in there". Before I knew it, there was an army of nurses all around me telling me not to push. If you've been there before, you know that it's completely impossible to not push when you're pretty much crowning. All of the memories of Chloe's horrible birth came flooding back to me! I remember thinking (and I think I said it might even be on the video) I can't do this without an epidural again!! My dr. told me that it was too late to do anything about it, and I'd have to have him without it. Well, I kept telling myself that I wasn't gonna scream like a psycho again, and I didn't. I just beared down and pushed past the pain...oh the horrible, horrible pain. After 2 or 3 good pushes, my precious baby boy entered the world. I was in awe! He was the tiniest baby...6lbs. 8oz. I kept saying "He's too small". Everyone reassured me that he was perfectly healthy and that he was just little. He was here! I had my baby boy! Wow! He was everything I dreamed he would be and more! I remember being in the hospital and getting up in the middle of the night to feed him. I loved it! I loved when they would bring him to me! I seriously could not get enough of this kid! I would just stare at the "I'm a Boy" sign on his bassinet and think Wow, and he belongs to me.

We came home and he's been one big ball of energy ever since. He only knows one speed...FAST. He is all boy for sure! He was a little slower, well, alot slower to talk than the girls, but he's picking it up really well now. He loves cars. The boy is obsessed with them! seriously. He loves watching NASCAR...which doesn't really thrill me or his dad, but whatever. He is so rough and tumble!!! He likes to annoy his sisters...which makes for some funny entertainment at times. :) He totally into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Wow Wow Wubzy...they're his favorites!!

To this day, I still can't believe I have a boy...and now I have 2!!! Since Elijah was really little, I've always called him my knight in shining diapers. :) And soon he'll be my knight in shining big-boy underpants. :D Well, hopefully soon. I love my little boy so much!! He's my dream come true!

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