Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Laney's birthday pictures

These are extremely belated, but I'm still gonna post them. I had to take them with my mom's camera because I forgot mine (we had her party at my mom's) and I haven't been able to find her camera since that day. Well, the other day, I had Laney go look for something in the van and she found the camera, so here they are!

Checking out her present from mommy and daddy

A Littlest Pet Shop VIP

She's been wanting one of these!

Yummy chocolate cake that Grandma made!

Happy 7th Birthday Laney!

Blowing out her candles

Opening gifts...

A Webkinz from Aunt Angie! Angie gave Chloe her b-day present too!

A pink horse! Her favorite things :)

A little too excited about a pair of jeans :D

Reading her cards!

I won tickets to the Ringling Bros. circus from KC Parent magazine, so we'll be taking Laney and Chloe next Thursday. I actually only won 2 tickets, so we had to go down to the Sprint Center box office and purchase 2 more. I had a 50% off coupon for up to 8 tickets, so we bought 2-$20 tickets and were able to get awesome seats...right in the center, 14 rows back!!! So we spent $20 for four tickets to the circus...and really good seats at that! Not too shabby! :) We thought about taking Elijah, but I'm afraid he'll get bored after the first 5 minutes, so him and Isaac are gonna stay with my mom while we go. We're all pretty excited. The last time we went was when Laney was 3 or 4...so it's been a while!

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