Monday, September 8, 2008

Isaac's story

We always knew we wanted 4 kids, but when we found out we were pregnant with Isaac, I was less than thrilled. We were planning on going to Disneyworld that year, and I wasn't going to be pregnant for the second time there (I was pregnant with Elijah when we went before). I was sad that Elijah didn't get to be the baby for very long. I was sad that we didn't really get to "try". I was sad that we weren't going to Disneyworld....which was stupid, I know. And all the while, I was mad at myself for being upset about it. It wasn't this poor little baby's fault. So, with the help of my husband, I snapped out of my self-centered, wallowing pity party. I started getting excited that God had blessed us with another beautiful little life. I was excited that we had decided to not find out what we were having. I was excited that Elijah was going to be a big brother and to possibly a baby boy! Yeah, it crossed my mind that this technically could be another boy, although probably not. I mean, one boy was a miracle...could we really be that lucky? I know, luck has nothing to do with was all God!! Although I absolutely LOVED my OB that I had with the previous 3 pregnancies (I even referred my best friend to her last summer), I decided to go with a midwife for this one, because I had heard really good things about them and I had heard of one here in Independence that was supposed to be very good. I originally planned on having a water birth, but my insurance didn't cover the only midwife in the area that does them. I really enjoyed going to a midwife and I'll most likely be seeing her for the next one. She was so down to earth and she would definitely be the one delivering the baby, if she was on call or not. I had my regular 20 week u/s and we were able to hold off on finding out what was cooking in there. To be honest, it wasn't that hard for me. We already had one of each, so I didn't really care what we had. I was actually afraid to look at the screen, because I was afraid I would see something.

I was due Oct. 26th, but by Friday, Oct. 12th she checked me and I was already at 4cm dilated! She decided that, on that coming Monday, the 15th, she would break my water. I kinda asked her to actually. I really wanted Mike's parents to be here for the birth since they weren't able to be here for the previous 3, and that was a good time for them to come, so she allowed it. I was planning on having the baby without any pain medication (which is another reason I went with a midwife), but while walking the halls to get my labor going, I heard a woman screaming like she was dying, and once again, the vivid memories of painful pushing were flooding in. So I decided on the epidural...and it worked like a charm, thank you very much! :) Mike was able to announce what he was right when he came out, and we were all so excited! My mom, Mike's mom and my Aunt Barb were also in the room. Isaac was born at 5:16pm and weighed 8lbs. 1oz.! Almost 2 lbs. more than Elijah!! He had alot of least for one of our kids...and gray eyes. He was such a sweet little thing!! I couldn't believe I had another boy!!! I was thrilled! It was love at first sight when I saw him! Words can't describe the joy you feel when you see your baby for the 1st time. Even though he was my 4th, it was like having my 1st. He was a miracle. They all are.

Like Chloe, Isaac had to be on the bili-blanket, and I think it was alot longer than Chloe too. Oh how I despise those bili-blankets!

He was probably the biggest cry-baby of them all as a newborn. He's much better now, although he's still a momma's boy! He doesn't like when I walk out of the room. or when he has to go to the nursery. or generally when I'm not around him. That's fine by me though. I'll take it! He's a little snuggle baby and loves to give kisses. He just gives them to me out of the blue. He's such a sweetheart! I love him more than words can describe and I couldn't imagine my life without him!

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