Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Majority rules...

We hung the pictures in Jett's room tonight! We decided on the first and the third pictures, and I think it turned out pretty decent. I couldn't find any frames I just absolutley fell in love with (that were within reasonable price), so we went with these black ones. It looks better in person...as does pretty much everything. :) So anyway, here's the finished product.

Close-up without the flash...

If you would like to see pics of his entire room, go here.

We put the most time and effort into this nursery than we did with any of the others. Maybe it's because he's my last. Wow, the spoiled rotten baby of the family syndrome has already started...
And I should know.
I'm the baby of my family.
And I'm spoiled rotten.
And my sisters would agree.
I like to think I'm my mom's favorite.
Seriously though, I really think I am.
True story.

Being the youngest of five, you're adored, you're fueled with confidence.
~Martin Short


Sheila said...

This looks great Sarah! Love the pictures and the decorations are just way too cute. And he can grow with them, because they're not too babyish.

Mamma James said...

Looks so cute!


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