Saturday, October 17, 2009

I could just scream!!!!

Excuse me while I complain for just one second.

Last Monday night, I started getting a really bad sore throat, which I took absolutely nothing for, thinking it would just go away. Well, of course, it developed into this horrible cold that I just can't shake. I mean, why wouldn't it? I'm 38 weeks pregnant, I can't breathe well, my body just aches constantly and I feel like my belly may pop at any moment. I am currently taking mucinex D, tylenol cold and drinking the heck out of red raspberry leaf tea (which, by the way, I'm totally in love with...if it has just the right amount of honey in it ;)). I have, honestly, gotten about 4 hours of sleep each night since Monday. On top of this stupid cold, I caught pink eye from Elijah, who caught it from a little boy at church (which is a whole other vent...people, don't bring your kids to church when they have an extremely contagious condition...seriously?) Anyway, I got pink eye on Thursday night, and was up all night wiping the gunk out of my eyes. I am so freaking tired, people. I know exactly who is on facebook at any given hour of the night. I shouldn't know things like this! I mean, here it is, at midnight, and I'm typing away, because I can't sleep. Who knows if my words are even making sense. I'm so delirious...
If I'm gonna be up all night, I would like it to be because I am in labor, or because my baby is here and I'm nursing him constantly...not because I'm sick! GRRRR!!!
I know this will eventually pass, but please pray for me and my sanity!
Seriously! Please? I need it!

I promise that my next post will be a little more cheerful.
Maybe it will be from the hospital?!?!
Hey, a girl can dream...

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Adventure Mom Janna said...

Oh dear, my poor prego friend!

Yes it will get better but I know it's pretty rough right now.

Looking forward to the big announcement!


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