Monday, June 22, 2009

About Father's Day...

I wanted to post this on Father's Day, but never got around to it...

My husband is the most amazing man I've ever met! Every single day, I am so thankful that God allowed me to meet him, and although we have our arguments and disagreements like everyone does, there is no one in the world I would rather share my life with. He is the most amazing dad ever! He loves his kids with everything he has and would do absolutely anything for them! He is so proud of his children! He spends so much time with them, and even in his spare time, would rather do something fun for them than do something for himself. And coming from a childhood where my dad was hardly there* (and when he was there, alot of times he was drunk**), I never ever take for granted the wonderful father that my husband is! I'm so thankful that my kids have the kind of dad I never did! In fact, coming home from church on Sunday, he asked me if Father's Day is hard for me. I told him that it used to be when I was younger, but now I love it because I get to celebrate what an amazing dad he is! I'm so blessed to have him as my partner in this life! He is everything I have ever wanted in a husband and there is no one in the world I would rather have as the father of my many children! :)

* I just want to say that my mom is seriously the BEST mom in the world! She took on the role of mother and father and worked as hard as she could (on a not so hot income) to put me and my older sisters through a Christian school. Single moms are, in my opinion, the bravest, most hard working human beings out there! No one even comes close! I can't imagine doing this on my own. I love her so much! She is honestly my hero!

**I also want to say that my dad is no longer an alcoholic! We have a good relationship now...I love him alot, and I pray for his salvation all the time. I do know he loves me and my kids so much. I also know that he regrets how he lived his life when I was younger. I like to think that God let me go through that in my life so that I would come out of it as a stronger, more thankful person...although, believe me, I know I have a long way to go to be what God wants me to be, of course!!!!

But this post was mainly for my wonderful husband, so I will leave it with a few pictures of him and his beautiful babies. :)

Isaac is definitely a daddy's boy!!

Chasing his firstborn son. :) He wanted a boy...

Now he has 3! =)

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