Friday, May 29, 2009

Nursery ideas

So, since we're having another boy (well another baby, actually) we've decided to move the girls' room to the playroom downstairs. We'll put Isaac and Elijah in the room the girls are in now, since it's the bigger of the 2 kids' rooms, and we'll put Jett in the room the boys are in now. The girls' bedroom walls are a purpleish-pink, so that will definitely have to change! I've been looking at bedding for a few days. I don't want anything to do with sports (we aren't really a sports related family...sports annoy me to be honest), and we've already done the whole transportation thing (planes, cars, etc.) so I wanted something different. I found a bedding set I love at Target, and even though I wasn't looking at prices, (although they are definitely something we have to consider!) I saw that this whole 10 piece set was only $129.99! It includes the bumper pad, crib sheet, comforter, 3 piece wall hanging, dust ruffle, throw, decorative pillow and the diaper stacker!!! Here's a pic of the set.

And a closer pic of the bedding...

Here's the wall hanging...

And I definitely want this monkey in the room somewhere! :)

I'd really like to get the same orange color in the bedding for the wall paint...or possibly do 3 walls the olive green color and the 4th wall green/orange stripes...or 1 orange wall with green, brown, blue, and yellow dots like the dots in the bedding. Ok, I'm just now realizing that there are alot of possiblities with this bedding set!! I'm pretty much set on it now. :)


The Savage Family said...

Wow! 10 pieces for $129? That's a really good price, and it's super cute too!

Andrea said...

I love it, Sarah. Very Modern and love the colors!


Janna said...

You are amazing! You are nuturing a 5th child in your womb and I think that's just about the greatest thing a woman can do. And you still have time and energy to make a nursery.

I LOVE you choice and can't imagine you finding anything better especially for the price.

So glad to find out about your blog and little Jett!


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