Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Colorado

We were able to travel to Denver for Thanksgiving and we had a great time! We had dinner with our family, Mike's parents and his uncle James. While we were there, it snowed a few inches, so the kids got to play outside. Since we weren't really prepared for snow play, we had no boots or anything, so we put plastic bags on the kids' feet with a pair of Mike's dads' socks over the bags. They had fun...especially Elijah. He threw a fit when it was time to go inside. We also went to a place called Mr. Biggs, it's a little like Paradise Park, but much cooler! It has an indoor golf course, a bowling alley, an arcade, a go-kart track, a kids place (called Little BiggTown) with different themed rooms (like a salon, a kitchen, a dress-up room, an auto shop, a sand pit, and much more) and a foam ball factory. We let the kids play at Little Biggtown and at the foam factory. They had a BLAST...well we all did, really!!! It was very cool! We also let Mike's mom give Isaac his first haircut. He looks like a little man now :) She did a really good job! The drive down went could have gone better, but the car ride home was a disaster! We got delayed about an hour because of slick snowy roads that were actually a little bit scary, and then Isaac got sick and threw up all over! But it was worth being able to see family. Here's some pictures from our trip.
The girls ready to play!

Chloe making a snow angel

Chloe eating the snow

All bundled up!

Mike cleaning the snow off Elijah's face

Laney throwing a snowball at Pa-Pa

This picture is hilarious...I think it's pretty self-explanitory :)

Isaac playing with Ma-maw in the music room at Mr. Biggs

Playing dress-up

The girls in the salon

Elijah in the racecar room

The boys in the toy room

Elijah running on the track that was meant for the little bikes.

The girls in jail...where they should be!

The foam factory

Little ham

Isaac getting his 1st haircut

View of the back

All done!!!
Oh, I forgot to mention that this little monster started biting while we were gone.

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Andrea said...

Thanks for the message on my blog! I cannot believe how fast the time went either. I keep thinking, "This is my LAST baby, ever." So bitter and so sweet.
Your Thanksgiving pictures were awesome! I loved looking through them and seeing how absolutely beautiful your family is. We miss seeing your family and having our nursing conversations in the nursery at Church. Next time you are in Colorado you should come a little further West and see us!!


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