Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas at Crown Center

We took the kids to Crown Center this past Friday, and we were able to go with some good friends of ours and their 4 boys! The kids all had a great time together!

At the crayola land...Isaac's not too sure what to do at first.

Oh, ok...I'm actually allowed to play on this stuff

Laney and Elijah going down the slide

Elijah jumping into the area that was once filled with balls. I'm assuming they took the balls out for sanitation purposes. But now it's just a big empty pit.

Jordan jumping down the slide :)

Hudson and Chloe

My little man

Elijah was really cranky before taking this picture (he didn't want to leave the play area...of course...) but he wanted NOTHING to do with Santa. Which was fine by me. The Santa guy told me that he'd still hold him even if he was crying, if I wanted a picture. I was like, thanks. You're not that big of a deal to us first of all and I'm not gonna subject my kid to your horror just for a lousy picture. Thanks anyway.

Look at how terrified he was! Poor thing.

The girls posed for a cute picture. ;)

Telling Santa what they want. They know he's not real...I was praying they didn't say something to him along the lines of "Well, since my mom and dad actually buy us the presents, maybe we should just tell them what we want, k?"

Posing in front of the pretty decorations

Checking out the awesome gingerbread village

Playing outside and FREEZING our rear ends off!

Ethan and Chloe

Laney in her new car (she told me to write that, but the way :D)

Isaac sitting completely still. I think he was just so frozen solid that he couldn't even complain about being cold. We didn't stay outside for too long...

And lastly, our, well, :)

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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Laura said...

Enjoyed your pictures!! We went last week and had so much fun!! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas together!


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