Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brotherly love and bonfires

My 2 boys!!! :D

Kisses from bubba


Elijah is starting to pay a little more attention to Isaac...he tends to like him a little more when Isaacs eyes are open. :) He's still a little rough with him, but what else can I expect? He's a wild man! I'm not sensing any jealousy at all from Elijah, which is something I worried about, but he's adjusting great!

We went out to the Kates' house last night for a barbecue and bonfire. The kids all had a great time! They didn't want to leave...they never do when we go out there, so that's nothing new. :P Lori and Nate were back from Colorado, so we got to see them and their 2 precious boys.

Here's a pic of Jono and Elijah by the fire...

Sisters =)

Lori's baby boy Zach =)

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MommaHarms said...

Wow! Your boys sure look alike! I usually don't notice much resemblance with newborns, but these two look amazingly alike! So cute!


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