Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, my midwife has agreed to break my water this coming Monday, the 15th. October 15th is a good birthday, right?! :) She checked my cervix and told me that I was a tight 4, so I asked her if it would be possible to do it this coming Monday. I thought for sure she would say no, but she said she had to call the hospital and if they had room, then she would. The 5 minutes she was gone doing that were the longest ever...I prayed and prayed! She came back in and said that they had room for me, so I go in at 5am on Monday. I can't believe this baby will be here in 3 days!! It seems so unreal! Mike's parents are coming in on either Saturday or Sunday, and they said this week actually worked better than next! So that makes me feel better! Chloe is so excited...I'm sure Laney will be too!


MommaHarms said...

Yeah! Is everything ready?

SturgillMom said...

YEAH!!!! Only three days and you will finally know if it is a girl or boy!! I can't believe that you are still walking around at a four!

MommaHarms said...

Thanks for the congrats! We are really excited, I think Natalie will be just the right age in June to be a big sis!


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