Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let the nesting begin...

The belly at 36 weeks. Yikes!

3 1/2 weeks and counting! This is the only baby I haven't wanted to have early. I'm not ready! I told Mike that this will probably be the one that I do have early. I've been nesting like crazy though. All of the closets have had a makeover and underneath the kids' bathroom sink has been cleaned out...wow, it needed it too! I've washed all the baby boy clothes and put them away...I've still yet to find the baby girl stuff. I don't know what I did with it...I guess if this is a girl, we'll just have to do some major shopping :)
I told Mike the other night that this baby moves more than the girls did, but a little less than Elijah, so I said, That either means it's a rambunctious girl or a...? And Mike said "A normal boy?" :P He's so wild...here's another video of him showing off all his energy :)

1 comment:

MommaHarms said...

He's pretty cute - Hmmm, want to arrange a betrothal? Just kidding! He seems like a happy little boy!


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