Friday, October 5, 2007

37 weeks...full term!!!

I had a midwife appt. today. My blood pressure was a little high, so they had me lay on my left side for a while and re-checked it and it went down...whew! The baby's heartbeat was in the 180's! I asked her if that was normal...I know that it's not in the safe zone...and she said that if the baby was moving (which he/she was) then it tends to go up like that. So 2 scares today. But I did get good news...I asked her to check me because I've been having some painful contractions here and there and she told me I'm at a 3!!!! I knew the contractions had to be doing something! I'm only 50% thinned out, but 3cm is good enough news for me! She said that next Friday at my next appt. she would check me and if I was dilated any more, then she would schedule me in to break my water the following Friday or the Monday after that...whichever worked better. She's doing this because I told her I really wanted my mother-in-law to be here for it. So we're gonna call Mike's parents tonight and see if Friday the 19th would be okay for them. If it would be better for their jobs that we do it on Monday, then we'll do that. But I'd really like them to be here the night before I go we'll see. I have get my antibiotics for groub b strep 4 hours before she breaks my water, so I'll go in really early in the morning to get that. They didn't even check me for it this time, or with Elijah, because I was positive with Chloe, so they just automatically give the antibiotics. I hate burns all the way up my arm. Did anyone else have to have it? Did it burn really bad? Sometimes I thought it was worse than the contractions. So anyway, I guess we'll be doing alot of walking and other stuff ;) this week to get things going a little more.


MommaHarms said...

Yeah! It will be happy birthday again soon!

SturgillMom said...

YEAH...a three!!! That is exciting :) It always makes me feel better when I know that those awful pains are doing something. I had strep b with my second baby. And, yes, it burned like the dickens! But, my Dr. did test me with the following three kiddos and I didn't have it with them, so I didn't have to endure that awful antibiotic. YUCK! Keep us posted :)


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