Friday, November 9, 2007

Isaac had a dr. appt. on Wed. and he weighs 9lbs. 7oz. He still has a little bit of jaundice, so the dr. told me to put him on formula for 24 hours and just pump. He did NOT like it one bit! I cheated a few times and nursed him. He got his levels checked yesterday and they're coming down, so I can resume nursing him! yay! :) While he was taking a bottle, the girls, of course, wanted to help feed him. We gave Elijah a try, but it was a disaster...:P

His first tub bath

I took some pictures of him this week...he's 3 weeks old! My baby's growing up ;)

Sweet little profile

I had to take this one of all his hair, before it falls out...and I know it will :P

No more pictures!!!!

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LaTisha said...

You have such cute kids, I'm jealous! I love seeing pics of them. Even though I don't get the chance to see you all the time, I love that I'm not missing out on your kids! I will be home next Tuesday thru Sunday, I have to come and hang out with me!


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