Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2020 Olympics, here she comes!

This past Saturday, Chloe had a her first gymnastics meet.  She was a little nervous.  I was nervous for her.  None of my kids have ever competed in anything, so this was a first for me and Mike, as well.
She did awesome!  Seriously, amazing!
I'm usually the one that takes her to her practice, so I always watch how she interacts with the other girls in her class and with her coach.  When she first started taking gymnastics, she would kind of rush through things.  Just in the few months that she's been there, I can tell such a huge difference in how she pays attention and now she always tries her very hardest.  Just the effort that she puts into it now is so much better.
She had a vault routine, an uneven bar routine, a balance beam routine, and a floor routine.
She got great scores and placed 4th in all-around!
I was so proud of how focused she stayed the entire time.  Mike and I just kept saying to each other, "I can't believe how focused she is!"
We didn't doubt that she would do a great job, but just how well she actually did went above and beyond what we were expecting.
This is something that she loves to do and I'm so excited for her to learn more and to see how far she goes with it.
And of course, the pictures. :)
{practicing her bar routine}

{getting ready to go}

{and finish!}

{practicing her beam routine...I didn't get any great pictures of when she did it for the judges.}

{She loves it!}

{walking like gymnasts :)}

{last minute advice from her coach}

{waiting to do her floor routine}

{some of the girls receiving medals}

{my sweet girl!}

{her team with their trophy}

{Way to go, Chloe!!!}


Neha said...

What a proud mother you must be!! I can tell from the pictures that Chloe was absolutely great. Hope Chloe pursues this interest and reaches great heights! God bless your little angel.

Love and hugs :)

Sheila said...

Great job Chloe!! I can tell she did a great job and it looks like she's a natural in that gym. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...
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Kaitlyn Bolton said...

This one is for Chloe. Chloe you look so happy and look like you enjoy this more that anything you have done in this world. Keep going and maybe one day you will be in a higher rank!! Bless you and your family!!!


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