Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Say what?

Time for another installment of funny things my kids say.

We were driving past a cemetery the other day and I hear Elijah yell out from the back, "Oh man, look at all those rips!!!"  I'm assuming he was referring to the R.I.P.s he sees on cartoon headstones. :)  

Isaac told me the other day that he loves me more than legos and poopies.  Gee thanks, Ikey!  I can't say I'm surprised though.  That kid LOVES to poop!  Loves!
Anyway, a few days later, this conversation happens:
Isaac:  Mommy, I love you more than behinds.
Me:  Behinds?!?
Isaac:  Yeah, behinds.
Elijah:  Isaac, they're called beeHIVES!!!!  
I still have yet to figure out why they had been talking about beehives, but Isaac loves me more than them.

I was leaving Target the other day, pushing a cart through the parking lot with Isaac riding on the side of it.  We made it to the van, and Isaac hops off and says "Mom, that made my feet feel funny.  It made them go to bed."  I guess the vibration of the cement made his feet tingle, and instead of his feet falling asleep, apparently they went to bed.  

Jett ripped the paper off a water bottle and brought it to me, laughing, and said "Mommy, it's naked!"  

He's talking SO much more lately!  

When we decided to enroll Chloe in gymnastics a few months ago, she was asking me questions about it and the following conversation ensued:
Chloe: Mom, when will I start jinnastics?
Me:  Jinnastics?
Chloe:  What?
Me:  That's not how you pronounce it.
Chloe:  OH!!  I mean JEWnatsics!  
Me:  ??????

Oh child.  You are definitely one of a kind.  

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