Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung

...it actually sprung like 2 months ago.  We've had the craziest, warmest weather (along with half of the U.S.) this winter.  It was so nice!
The kids are home this week on Spring break, and it's been raining all week, so we've been trying to find lots of fun things to do inside!
Enter pinterest.
Who knew a boat load of fun things to do/eat/wear/look at could all be in one fun space on the internet?  Seriously.  Why has this idea just recently been hatched?
We've made Easter egg garland, Easter egg pictures made with shaving cream and paint, baked yummy cookies, and made t-shirts with designs the kids drew themselves!
Whew!  I'm pretty much crafted out!  We're having a fun day with grandma tomorrow, Thursday, we're going out to lunch with my friend and her kids, and Friday, Mike is home, so we can do something together!

Jett has not taken a nap today and is showing no signs of being tired.  This can't be good.  I look forward to his nap time every day.  Every one of my kids, well, all but Jett, has napped until they were at least 4 years old, sometimes longer.    Two years old certainly can't be the cutoff point for naps, right?  I'm not used to this!
Lately, it's been getting more and more difficult for us to get him down for bedtime.  Last night, we made him get into bed at around 8:30.  You wanna know what time he actually went to sleep?  11.  Eleven o'clock p.m.
Hopefully this is just a fluke thing and he'll be back to his regularly scheduled programming soon.  With the older 3 are on Spring break this week, I'm hoping maybe that has something to do with it?

Happy Spring!


Sheila said...

Eleven?? Has he been chatting with my kids? It would seem so.
And yay crafting!!!

Neha said...

Hey, how have you been and how are the kids? You have an award on my blog :) Take care

Anonymous said...

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