Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things I never want to forget

  • Elijah playing by himself in his room with his magna-doodle.  He loves to just write out words as they pop into his mind. 
  • Isaac's snuggles.  No matter what time of day it is, I can look at Isaac and say, "I didn't snuggle you all morning!" (which is always, always not true...we snuggle ALL the time!) and he'll say "How did we let that happen?!", and run right over to me and give me the biggest hug and kisses.  Sometimes the roles are reversed, and he'll be the one that starts it by looking at me and saying "I didn't snuggle you all morning!"  It's my favorite.
  • Laney's helpful attitude.  It never fails - when I'm trying to do 5 things at once, and Laney is anywhere near me, she always asks if there's something she can do.  She cleans up, she takes the dog out, and she helps the boys with whatever they need help with...all without being asked to.  She is such a sweet girl. 
  • Chloe's empathy and soft heart.  She's so wonderful to anyone who's upset or in trouble about something.  She is so concerned about making sure that problems are solved, and everyone is happy.  She's also got a watchful eye for her brothers.  She knows when Jett is somewhere he's not supposed to be or getting into something he knows he shouldn't have, and without batting an eye, she's getting him back to where he needs to be.  It's just second nature to her to keep an eye out for her brothers. 
  • Jett's raspberries on my cheek.  He kisses me on my lips, and then turns my cheek and says "This one" (which sounds more like di-wa) and blows a raspberry instead of a kiss.  And every single time he does it, he laughs hysterically and looks at me like I got you again!  When will you ever learn, mom?

These are just a few things I always want to remember, so I might start posting every once in a while the things I never want to forget, because there are alot!


Sheila said...

I love this! How sweet! You have wonderful kids.

Neha said...

Such adorable children you have! And yes, post more of these. In a few years when you read them you will surprise yourself :)


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