Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Isaac is 4!!!

Saturday (yesterday) was Isaac's birthday, and I would have posted something, but we were too busy having FUN all day!!! 

Friday night, he chose to spend his night out at the mall, to play in the play area, and he also wanted to eat there. So we all had a delicious, nutritious (or not) dinner of food court food. :)  Afterwards, we went to Toys R Us, so he could pick out a birthday present.  He picked a stuffed Mario (go figure.) and a new used Mario Galaxy game.  
Saturday morning, I made him a breakfast of red and blue (Mario and Sonic) pancakes,

let him open the rest of his presents from us,

and then we headed to the pumpkin patch!

 We came home and got ready to have his party with just a few friends and family.  Grandma Carol made him a Sonic cake (much more special than a store bought cake, in my opinion) and we also had pizza, to offset the sugar in the cake.  We tried to go with nothing but organic health food.  Can you tell? ;) He opened his gifts, and he just played and played with his friends till about 11:30 that night, then he crashed.  Oh, I forgot to mention that half-way through his party, after eating pizza, and before gift-opening, he fell asleep on the recliner. :)  He had to take a nap, his party was that INSANE!  =)

{are you noticing a theme throughout these pictures?  Sonic and Mario are like family to us. :) }

{Isaac with his Sonic cake - made with love by grandma!}

I'd say he had a pretty spectacular birthday! :) 

I truly cannot believe he's 4.  I know I say that about every kid, and every birthday they have.  and I mean it each time.  Don't kids grow too fast?  Time goes at about 10x normal speed after you have kids.  True? 

My little Ike the Spike is growing up, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. 
I love you more than you can imagine, Isaac.  Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst, with all the love I have for you!  You will always be my sweet little Humble Bumble.   I love you!  Happy 4th Birthday!

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Neha said...

He is adorable. Happy Birthday, Isaac. May you grow up to be a handsome person and a wonderful human being and make your parents real proud of you!!

P.S - Please send me the recipe of those pancakes. They look yumm!


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