Thursday, October 6, 2011

Major phone-pic dump

{Crazy pics - I literally laugh out loud when I look at these :) }

{Spending the day with my mom, my sis, and my girls at Santi-cali-gon}

1. The kids waiting for the bus
2. Jett's first trip to the lake
3. The first night with Layla
4. Mini golf with the girls for their birthdays
5. Out of 5 kids, this is the first time this has happened.
6. Sweet snuggles with Layla

1. Chloe and Layla
2. Laney and Layla
3. Sonic happy hour with my 2 littles
4. Isaac looks like he ate a Smurf :)
5. Snuggly puppy.  She was so little!  She's growing fast!

1.  Jett swinging in the backyard
2. Elijah - I'm not exactly sure what he's doing.  I told him to stand in front of me to take a pic, and this was how he posed.  I've learned not to ask questions.
3. and 4.  We The boys spotted the tractors as we were coming out of Sears.
5.  Chloe's first ballet class
6.  Could he possibly be any more snugglier?  no. The answer is no.


1. Jett climbing into his crib for nap time. We love our naps around here!
2. Being Mario can wear a dude out!
3. Trying on masks at Target.
4. What happens when you leave Layla in a room alone with an open window.
5.  Silly Ikey.
6.  The binky has to go soon!

Laney's horseback lessons are going great!  She still loves it and every week she counts down the days till Monday!  Last week, her teacher started letting her learn how to do barrels. She just trotted her horse (Cowgirl...her favorite horse!) around, instead of running (of course), but it was still fun for her. I took a video of it. (Please ignore me talking during the beginning. Her instructor was telling me about something.)


Sheila said...

So funny! Really cute pics!

Neha said...

Such cute pictures. It's so good to have a camera handy in your mobile phone. Thanks to technology!


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