Sunday, October 23, 2011

My baby is 2!!!!

Jett is 2.  Sound the alarm. Something is wrong.
I'm still in denial that he turned 1, and now he's 2? 
I no longer have a baby, or even a toddler. 
He's a kid.  A strong-willed, humorous, snuggly, hyper, blond-headed, blue-eyed kid.

2 years ago, I was staring into this precious little face.

Just one year ago, we were here:

And my baby boy now?
He's 2. 

 He's my love. 

You make my world go round, Jett.  I'm so blessed to be your mother.
Happy Birthday, angel boy.  I love you so much!


Neha said...

He is so very cute!!! Can i HUG him tight please :)?

Happy Birthday, Jett!!! May you grow up to make your parents very very happy and proud of you ( which you sure will)! God bless you with the best of everything!

Sheila said...

I ADORE this kid!! Happy Birthday sweet baby! And yes, you can still call him the baby because my youngest will be 9 tomorrow and he's still my baby. Wether he likes it or not :)


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